GoPro Hero 6 Releases This Year Despite Weak Q1 Stats For Company

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There is buzz swirling around that the GoPro Hero 6 will come out this year, amid issues involving GoPro Inc.'s first quarter revenues this 2017. Here's the latest on the reported GoPro Hero 6 release.

 GoPro Hero 6: lower revenues for GoPro Inc.?

According to Smart Stock News, first quarter revenue and gross margin guidance for 2017 are significantly below expectations. Shipments went down 12% on a sell through basis in 2016. GoPro Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRO) will likely need to reduce costs further to maintain cash and secure profitability over time. Retailers called off Hero 5 Black marketing in response to GoPro's supply issues, causing the company to miss out on perishable end demand during the holidays.

 GoPro Hero 6: CEO confirmed release this year

According to PC Advisor, although GoPro's recent announcement of the compay's final earnings for 2016 wasn't too good, CEO Nick Woodman confirmed that the GoPro Hero 6 would be launched in 2017. Woodman added that there wouldn't be another two-year gap between generations of action cameras, although he didn't mention any specific date in 2017 wherein the GoPro Hero 6 Hero 6 would be released.

GoPro Hero 6: so when is the possible release date?

The Hero 5 Black and Session were launched four months ago, so it's not too hard to predict that the launch of the next generation will not be until the second half of the year - probably not until at least after 12 months.

GoPro Hero 6: features to look forward to

No particulars were offered on what the GoPro Hero 6 will be like but Woodman said that the company was focusing on VR and 360-degree video. Stay tuned, as we will bring more updates as more information is leaked.

Are you a GoPro camera owner? What model do you currently have? Will you be getting a GoPro Hero 6?

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