Windows 10 vs. Netbook OS; New Microsoft Features That Could Kill Chromebook


The new Windows 10 Cloud, which is the latest update to the Microsoft's Windows 10 is not necessarily about the cloud. Instead, according to reports, it is for the sake of a Windows 10 vs. Netbook OS match up.

Windows Cloud Serious On Taking Down Chrome

Yes, there is a Windows 10 vs. Netbook OS fight as Microsoft takes on Chromebooks with its low-cost laptops, Engadget reported. The new Windows 10 Cloud runs exclusively with Universal Windows Platform apps that are in the Windows Store. This is the major feature that gives it an edge against the Chrome OS, which Microsoft saw as a big advantage against its main competitor.

New Leaks Show Early Build

According to reports, the new Windows 10 Cloud is a move by Microsoft to bring a simplified and safer version of its existing Windows 10, but at a lower price. There are no official announcements on when Microsoft will release its new Windows 10 Cloud yet. It the new Windows Cloud does rolls out, the timing couldn't be more perfect as Google Chrome OS laptops are now leading as the second-highest in the market in terms of sales, CDA News reported.

According to Google, its Chromebook's sales went up 20 percent for its year-over-year growth last year. However, these devices are also becoming more expensive as Google claims that these laptops are becoming sophisticated. This could be why Microsoft is offering its Windows 10 Cloud at a lower price to produce the best "People's Laptop."

Microsoft can easily attain this lower-priced laptop if it removes its license fees, which is the major reason for their expensive prices. Instead it will put new rules like making users exclusively use their own Bing as their search engine. Other services that will be included in the new Windows 10 Cloud are the Contrata for assistance, OneDrive for storage, and Office 365 for work related activities.

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