‘Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind’ Trailer Highlights Naryu’s Wild Prey Chase; DLC’s Monster Features Detailed [Video]


A new trailer for the upcoming "Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind" expansion was unveiled at Super Bowl 51. The teaser promises an epic, action-filled adventure filled with lethal enemies and unexpected allies.

The trailer in the football game ran for one minute, but an extended version that lasts for three minutes, 57 seconds was posted on the game's official Twitter page. You can watch the trailer at the end of this report.

Bethesda Softworks' trailer for the "Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind" expansion showcased a huge brown bear that effortlessly swipes enemies away. The animal is also capable of tearing foes apart using its strong jaws.

Naryu Virian, the well-loved Morag Tong assassin, was heavily featured in the video. She's pursuing the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong while dodging attacks from the Dwarven Spiders and Spheres. Thankfully, the bear and a Redguard Warden are helping the assassin along the way.

The DLC will feature a new Warden class that has three new skill-lines that focus primarily on Nature and Healing, according to WhatCulture. The new class also comes with Frost and a new Animal companion skill-line (the bear mentioned above).

The expansion is unrestricted, meaning players need not complete story-related points to access the area. Players can start in Vvardenfell, where a new tutorial and starter zone are provided.

Naryu Virian has a huge role in the DLC. She will accompany players to Vvardenfell and mentor them along the way, specifically in the new tutorial and starter zone.

"Morrowind" will widen gamers' PvP experience through the gritty and intense Battlegrounds, a 4v4v4 team-based PVP mode. On the other hand, those who are into team-based action than PvP will enjoy the 12-player trial called "Hall of Fabrication."

The trial takes place in the Telvanni tower of Tel Fyr and will go to some parts of the Clockwork City. The latter is where fan-favorite Sotha Sil can be found. "Hall of Fabrication" is equally intense and requires excellent group combat against unique foes.

Also, pre-ordering the game yields cosmetic items such as Warden outfits, war dogs and crates, among others. There are treasure maps, too.

"Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind" will be released on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on June 6. The DLC offers 30+ hours' worth of new content, including a new Daedric danger that hints of the arrival of another Daedric Prince. The docks of Seyda Neen, Balmora and Vivec's City will be featured in the expansion, too, though they will appear slightly different due to the time difference from the original game.

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