PS4 4.50 Beta Update: Boost Mode Is a Breath of Fresh Air for Old, Unpatched Games Similar To 4K Pro


PlayStation4 (PS4) has additional update aside from its firmware, the Game Boost Mode is hitting the console to bring a fresher take on unpatched games. This feature is quite remarkable as seen on the Xbox One S but this time it is PS4's take that will make a wave in the gaming scene.

PS4 owners are happy with the new firmware because Sony is now allowing games on an external storage device. However, two updates are better than one when it comes to PS4 consoles. The Boost Mode was first spotted in screenshots posted at NeoGAP as part of the 4.50 Beta update options. The option can be found at the System Section under the Setting Menu.

Meanwhile, the PS4 boost mode update roll out has been confirmed by Sony according to The Verge. In addition, This PS4 second update is a force to reckon with as it allows the PS4 GPU and CPU clock speed to devote more power for some old games if they are unpatched. Meaning, they becomes playable like in the 4K-capable Pro.

Meaning, the PS4 Boost Mode aids games that have a variable frame rate may benefit from a higher frame rate plus a shorter loading time. However, the Game Boost description advised that this setting should be turned off once any unexpected behavior is noticed. This means that the mileage varies depending on the game. Therefore not all PS4 games can be optimized by the boost feature.

PS4 upcoming 4.50 firmware update will also add support for external hard drives for all PS4 models. There will be introduction for the redesigned menus. Plus, players will be allowed to watch 3D Blu-rays in PSVR.

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