‘League of Legend’ to Expand Into Fighting Game Community? Reddit User Creates Mock-Up Success


A Reddit user attempts to redesign "League of Legends" and the community is in an uproar wondering why the game was designed to be a MOBA in the first place. The mockup constitutes designs that most fans can only dream of. By redesigning the game, the "League of Legends" community was introduced to an impressive outcome that could change the path of the game.

Reddit User Designed "League of Legend" as Fighting Game

Reddit user mau5eth tweaked the game a bit and many were really impressed, WWG reported. The avid fan said he used the "Mortal Combat X" game's character select screen as his baseline and it took him 50 layers, several hours, and plenty more selections to arrive at a result that most fans can only dream of.

 The result? The coolest version of "League of Legend" like never before.

"League of Legend" Community Reaction

The mockup version eliminated the 2D cartoonish characters and an editor from WWG thinks that Riot Games, the makers of "League of Legend" should hire mau5eth. Another person says if the people behind "Mortal Kombat" and "Soul Calibur" work together, they'd be able to come up with something like what the Reddit user created.

Another person even noted that the graphics of the mockup looked like it could compete with top FGC games. But the Reddit user doesn't take the credit for the awesome version. He said the characters were created by Alessandro Baldasseroni, who specializes in making 3D models.

Meanwhile, Riot Games has announced that they will be working on the tanks called Vanguards, Rift Herald reported. That's because they want to give the tanks a dash more of unique identities, skill expression, and mystery. The company also said they don't want the Vanguards to require pro mechanical skills; they want players to get better at playing a particular champion.

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