Technology Executives Share Their Best IT Career Advice


The path to success is not always straight; it is not always easy. There are a lot of bumps and turns along the way, but with a bit of advice and guidance, you will be able to easily find your way. Many of the world's most successful leaders have reached success because they have taken advice from the people they trusted. Even the most influential people in the world heed insights from those who have experience navigating the business world.

While you can definitely make use of all the advice you can get when it comes to career, you have to remember that the best job or career is the one where you are using the skills you enjoy, according to The Muse. And if you are in the IT field and want to stay ahead and build a reputable name, here are some career guidance you can take from the IT executives themselves.

Abbas Haider Ali, CTO, xMatters

Ali said that the best piece of advice he can share is to take an outsider perspective, according to Search CIO, because it is very easy to get complacent in what you are doing. And you can do this by talking to your peers and opening up to them so that they can evaluate what you are doing.

John Viglione, CTO, Vertex Incorporated

Reach out to others for ideas and options. Heed advice from the people you can trust as mentors because there are just so many different ways for you to be able to achieve your goals.

Don Schuerman, CTO, Pegasystems

When you are working with people and managing people, it is important that you know how to get into their shoes. It is your job to understand how each person in the team will want to communicate and what their unique, individual styles are.

Ray Toler, VP of IT and marketing, HTRI

You need to have a vision, a goal, and you need to communicate that and be able to focus on the milestones. It is vital for everybody to know where you are heading, the direction you are taking and the details in between.

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