AirPods Update Pushes 3.5.1 To Address Minor Biug Fixes


Apple silently came out with an AirPods update software version 3.5.1, as numerous Reddit users came accross it on Wednesday. The update for the wireless earbuds was released without any notifications of which changes it included. 

AirPods update: what is it for?

Per Apple Insider, the firmware update comprises of miscellaneous minor bug fixes. It is unclear if the AirPods update does anything to reduce or eliminate the claims made by some users that the AirPods have connectivity issues. 

AirPods update: wait, what is a firmware again?

A firmware is the software installed on device's read-only memory and controls how it functions. While Apple hasn't released any sort of change log with its new AirPods update, it is safe to say these help devices perform certain functions efficiently in general.

In the case of the AirPods, they're designed to have background firmware updates eventually. Although if you want to do it manually, there's a simple way to kind of force it. Now on to the process of how to install the AirPods update.

AirPods update: how to install it?

First, check to see what firmware version is on your AirPods. With the AirPods connected to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, open Settings and go to General > About. Now scroll to the bottom and tap on AirPods. If you don't see AirPods listed there, don't panic. Simply reconnect them by turning Bluetooth off and back on again.

The resulting screen will show the current firmware version on your AirPods. They come with version 3.3.1 installed and Apple's new update is version 3.5.1. If you already see 3.5.1 listed as the firmware version, you're all set. If not, installation is simple. 

With your phone nearby and your AirPods in their case, plug your case in to charge it. Once the AirPods are plugged, they will automatically install the firmware update. Leave them alone for a bit, and the next time you connect, the updated firmware will be installed on your AirPods (via BGR).

The fully wireless headphones come with a one-year warranty, which covers audio defects and battery problems. Outside of that duration, standard repairs are $69, battery service is $49, and replacement buds in case they get lost, will be $69 each.. 

Are you an AirPods user? Have you installed the AirPods update?

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