‘Kong: Skull Island’ Plot Leak and IMAX Poster Explains Godzilla Connection; Director Says New Size Is Not for Godzilla


The IMAX poster for "Kong: Skull Island" reveals that the mythological creature now has a fighting chance against Japan's mighty kaiju - Godzilla. But it's not just the poster that revealed the connection. A new leaked plot sets the ground works that will make Kong and Godzilla's paths cross in the near future.

Plot Leak and IMAX Poster Explanation

The new IMAX poster for Kong: Skull Island shows that Kong can easily block the sun. He is so big now that everything else near him is as small as a child's toy. This is letting fans get excited for the upcoming battle between two mythological creatures, Kong and Godzilla, in 2020.

However, the clue of the connection isn't rally told through the poster. There's a plot leak floating that makes an established connection between the two mega franchises. The newly derived information reveals that even though Kong and Godzilla are 40 years apart, there's a narrative tissue that links one and the other, Slash Film reported.

Tom Hiddleston's Conrad will be hired by a shady team of operatives called Monarch, a government organization with a hidden agenda. This is the same mysterious group that knew the existence of Godzilla before he became famous for wreaking havoc in the world. Moreover, John Goodman, will be the puppet master who pulls the strings in the background.

Godzilla will not be making an appearance in "Kong: Skull Island". He is set to reappear in 2019 with the movie "Godzilla: King of Monsters".

Director's God Kong Explanation

On the other hand, "Kong: Skull Island" director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, says fans shouldn't take the new IMAX poster as a clue that Kong finally has a chance against Godzilla, Games Radar reported. He said that he wants the audiences to reconcile with the fact that a 100ft gorilla with a great sense of nobility is standing right before them. He wants audiences to be looking at a myth; a primordial god that is bigger.

Vogt-Roberts say Kong's size has nothing to do with Godzilla at all. Kong size is really about the human perception of something bigger like the universe. "Kong: Skull Island" opens 10 March, 2017.

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