'Mirage: Arcane Warfare' Updates: Closed Alpha Test Round 5 Starts Tomorrow; New Trailer Introduces Vigilist Class [VIDEO]


If you enjoy playing Beta versions of your favorite games, then you will most likely enjoy playing Alpha tests on upcoming games like "Mirage: Arcane Warfare" of Torn Banner Studios.

"Mirage: Arcane Warfare" will have its 5th Closed Alpha Test tomorrow, which will run until February 5. The reason for this is quite simple: to determine which areas of the game developers should take a closer look at or to fix any issues that might arise before fully releasing the game to the public. The Closed Alpha Test for "Mirage" began in September 2016, wherein select participants got the chance to play the game before anyone else can and to help the developers by giving feedback on what needs to be improved, according to the game's official website.

Further detailed on the same report, those who participated in the previous rounds of the Closed Alpha Test can automatically join the next rounds of testing. All one needs to do is launch Steam's public test app for "Mirage." Those who have registered their e-mails for the game's upcoming Beta version are also automatically included in the Alpha test list. On the other hand, the registration slots for the Closed Alpha Test were limited. For those who registered for it but were unable to get a key for confirmation, the developers are still looking for a way to get more players to participate.

In other news, a new trailer was released for "Mirage" just yesterday. It introduces the Vigilist: one who is described to be a "stalwart" defender - protecting her allies with a spear and a shield, combined with defense magic capabilities, as reported in another post. See more of the Vigilist and other classes to play with when the Beta version, followed by the full version, is released this year.

Check out the new Vigilist Class trailer below.

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