New Apple Chips for MacBooks To Improve Battery Life; Lessens Reliance On Outside Chip Manufacturers


Future MacBooks will have new Apple Chips that will address the computer's battery life. The new chip will also advance the tech company's steps on becoming totally independent from Intel, which is used for its Mac Processors.

Apple Chips Manufactured Inside US

According to insiders who refuse to be named, the new Apple chips would help newer versions of Mac laptops in handling functionalities that Intel Corp. processors are currently responsible for, Bloomberg reported. The new Apple chip, codenamed T310, went into development in 2016. It is the same with the one being used in the new MacBook Pro that brings the Touch Bar feature in the device's keyboard. Now, the new Apple chips will be developed by the company itself inside the US.

The new Apple chips are developed with the ARM Holdings Plc. technology, which will be working with Intel processor. Apple's Mac line has always been the staple for component and design enhancement, even though the tech company only accounted for 7.5 percent of the total global computer shipments for the last quarter of 2016. Apple's influence could lead to trends, which means other companies might follow suite and bring the same chip to their computers in the future.

How MacBook Pros Can Benefit

The new T310 Apple chips will help improve the MacBook's low-power functionalities, which are offloaded from the laptop's main Intel CPU. Meanwhile, the current T1 is only limited to Touc ID security authentication and the Touch Bar operation. The new ARM processor will focus on enhancing the laptop's Power Nap feature, Apple Insider reported.

The development of the new T310 Apple chips will help the company veer away from the use of Intel for the processors in its MacBooks. The company has started using its own A-series processors for its iPads and iPhones since 2010, making its chip business of its most important long-term investments. By developing its own chips, Apple can now integrate more efficiently the functionalities between its software and hardware.

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