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Beyonce Pregnant With Twins; How She and JayZ Overcome Elevator Snafu And Ended Nasty Breakup Rumors


Queen Beyonce pregnant with twins. This wonderful news greeted the whole world today. While most have speculated that she and husband JayZ are headed for a divorce after the elevator incident, Queen Bee proves she still calls the shots.

Here's how that move and the moves she made before, including the release of her "Lemonade" album played the entire world.

Marriage After Elevator Incident And How They Played The World

In 2014, a video of the elevator incident involving Beyonce, JayZ, and Solange surfaced the internet. While it was entertaining to watch Solange beat the life out of JayZ, it was Beyonce's demeanor during the entire encounter that really stood out. When they popped out of the elevator, Beyonce looked as cool as a cucumber and ready for the cameras as ever.

It was then clear that Beyonce knows how to deal with the media. While most people, even those who were close to them, speculated that the power couple will break up anytime soon, the Carters launched the 21-date "On The Run" tour, People reported. Whatever went on behind closed doors at that time remained between them despite the rumors that revolved around their marriage.

In 2016, Beyonce launched her "Lemonade" album. It had songs like "Hold Up", "Sorry", and "Don't Hurt Yourself", which all contain lyrics that might have pertained to the elevator snafu and the "unfaithful" events before or after that. It sent the media and fans on a frenzy once more, but again, the speculation that they're breaking up is nowhere on the horizon.

Beyonce Breaks Selena Gomez' IG Record With Twin Announcement

In a matter of 20 minutes, Beyonce's announcement that she's having twins has garnered a million likes. This broke the record that Selena Gomez held for "Most Liked Instagram", Billboard reported. Selena Gomez 6.3 million likes were shattered by Beyonce's 6.4 million in just seven and a half hours, and the tabs are still going.


Beyonce always wants to keep her fans involved with the joy she has in her life. This big revelation isn't exactly unique as Beyonce announced her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy in a similar fashion. In 2011 at the MTV VMA's and while performing her song "Love On Top", the music superstar revealed her baby bump for the whole world to see.

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