New Killer 'Kyocera Phones' To Debut In Japan Soon; And Yes, These Phones Are Washable


Everyone knows how progressive Japan's technology and business industries are. But this year, it seems like "The Land of The Rising Sun" has reached a new milestone with the upcoming Kyocera phones.

Kyocera Corporation's President Goro Yamaguchi officially announced the release of their upcoming Kyocera phones in a press release just last week and here is a big surprise: these phones are washable! Yes, that is right. Also known as the rafre smartphone, this DIGNO Rafre successor allows one to wash his/her smartphone by using a foaming hand soap or body soap, as reported on Kyocera's website. But the question is, how does a washable phone really work?

Maintaining smartphones can be a daunting task. One should have to be extra careful about getting more dust inside or dripping liquid all over the internal parts. One should also be careful about the cleaning materials being used. It should not be pointed or have a rough surface, which can result in permanent scratches on the screen or cause damage to other external parts. Well, there is no need to worry about any of these with a washable smartphone.

A washable smartphone can simply be cleaned by hand and just by using foaming hand soap or body soap. Just gently rub the soap all over the smartphone's exterior and rinse it off. According to PCMag, it can even be dunked in a bowl of water and scrubbed by hand until the grime comes off. Moreover, this phone is resistant to hot water. It also allows one to use it even with wet hands or gloved hands.

Other features include the special cooking app and the hand gesture feature, which can be used to search for recipes, set timers, or take calls. This is primarily made for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking at home for family and friends. The washable smartphone, with model name Rafre KYV40 will be available in Japan this March.

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