Chromebooks Launching In 2017 Will Now Have Android Apps; HP Chromebook 13 Seen To Topple Down MacBook, Windows 10 PC


Google Chomebooks will now be getting the same benefits with mobile phones and tablets as Android Apps are going to invade laptops this year. This was recently confirmed by Google, emphasizing that all Chromebooks that the company will be launching will also get access to the Google Play Store.

Android apps will be coming to all new Chromebooks but it may not be available right out of the box, Fox News reported. Google further stressed that the experience will depend on when the Chromebook launches and when Android apps on Chrome OS is out of Beta. As of press time, there has not been any confirmation yet about the exact time all this will happen but Google advised to just stay tuned.

It is worth noting that there are dozens of Chromebooks coming from companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, and Acer. Should the initiative be realized this year, it will enable owners to make a Skype call, work with Office files or take a break with games like "Minecraft," "Heartstone," or "Clash of Clans."

Google assured that these apps won't compromise Chromebooks' speed, simplicity or security. Meanwhile, with Chromebook slowly exuding its worth and value, reviews reported that Hewlett-Packard's Chromebook 13 could be one alternative that can topple down Mac and Windows.

Reason for this is its Chrome OS that in many cases has exude a better PC for educators, small businesses, and consumers looking for an inexpensive platform. It is essentially self-repairing, secure, extremely fast and where all future operating systems are ultimately headed, Forbes reported.

When it comes to performance HP Chromebook 13 has the fastest Intel 6th Generation "Skylake" Core M5 processor and 8GB of RAM. It is faster that MacBooks and Windows laptops. The only downside however is that its fanless and sometimes it gets warm.

Reviews added that Chromebook negates the clutter and overhead that Windows OS X/MacOS have as it is affordable, fast, secure, manages and updates itself automatically, factors that would make it standout.

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