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Here Are Some Hilarious Tweets When Doomsday Clock Struck 2 1/2 Minutes Closer To Midnight


Ever wondered when the world will truly end? Well, that end was just extended - a little bit, as far as the Doomsday Clock is concerned.

For starters, the Doomsday Clock refers to a countdown leading to a future point in time wherein a major catastrophe would occur and possibly destroy everything in the world. This has been monitored by The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board since 1947 and the last time it was moved after going back and forth for years, it was in 1991 - with 17 minutes to midnight, as reported by Engadget. But just last week, news broke out that it has been moved a bit further to midnight - 2 1/2 minutes to be exact. 

Further detailed on the same publication, the clock basically allows scientists to observe how things will go for both mankind and Earth in the future. But if it was updated to the closest it has been to midnight after 64 years, it means that things are not going well. As skeptical as this can be for most people, the fact still remains that major issues such as global warming hazards and nuclear weapon explosions have something to do with it - which scientists believe has only gotten worse as solutions to these problems were reportedly impeded by the current administration in the United States.

While this statement blew a little out of proportion and spread like wildfire all over social media, some people on Twitter has apparently found a way to make light of the situation rather than going on and on negatively about President Trump, as reported by Wired. A user who goes by the name @TwistedDoodles even compared the clock to Cinderella and her turning into a mushroom. There's also @EmDrive16 who twitted a reflective question instead.

Indeed, this just shows one thing: whether "doomsday" is coming or not, always remember to smile, to laugh, and to just live life like it is the last day tomorrow.

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