'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Draws Some Buzz, Won't Have Cross Play & Keep Romance Option Secret


BioWare has been busy updating its latest space adventure role-playing game, adding new details about "Mass Effect: Andromeda." BioWare made the announcement on Twitter.

Mass Effect Will Not Support Multiplayer

According to PC Gamer, BioWare is releasing more details about its upcoming space adventure game, which include the status of cross-play on the multiplayer side.

Multiplayer is a gaming option that is definitely becoming more common these days. The ability for players to take a game with another gaming console or platform has proved to be incredibly valuable for those players who like a better gaming experience across the platform.

Unfortunately, this kind of gaming flexibility is not going to happen on the latest "Mass Effect" game. On Twitter, BioWare lead designer Ian Frazier and producer Fernando Melo take the front seat to reveal that the latest Mass Effect game will not feature cross-play in any form. The news has caused some frustrations among players.

Aside from the cross-play things, BioWare also revealed that the latest RPG game will use peer-to-peer networking for its matchmaking and multiplayer suite. Mass Effect Is not the first game to use this kind of technology, other games like "Destiny" and "Uncharted 4" are also known to use peer-to-peer technology.

But before the big release date, BioWare has released first a new Youtube trailer alongside a new briefing video that introduces gamers to the Pathfinder Team. In addition to the Pathfinder, the trailer also revealed the true story behind Alec Ryder, the father to the Mass Effect's two protagonists.

BioWare To Keep Romance Option A Secret Until The Game Launch

According to GameRant, BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn has also made some big announcement this week that it will keep the game's romance options a secret until the official game launch date. The news has created some excitement and also disillusions among players.

BioWare's Aayn Flynn took the announcement on Twitter, stating that an early release of those details is not on the cards.

BioWare's latest RPG "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will hit the gaming world this coming March 21, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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