Google Assistant Update: Coming to LG G6; Now Possesses Ability to Remember Things [VIDEO]


In a surprising turn of events, LG's flagship phone for this year will become the first non-Google phone that will possess the Google Assistant. Also, the feature has been criticized for not having much of a purpose. However, that has now changed because the digital assistant now has the ability to remember things for Allo, Pixel and Home.

According to The Verge, it has already been proven in the past about the capabilities of Google's personal assistant so it is big news for those who are looking to buy the LG G6. This is definitely in response to rumors that Samsung is prepared to equip its Galaxy S8 with its own personal assistant, Bixby. LG realized that it would save a lot of money by making use of Google's digital assistant instead of making their own.

It was originally reported that LG initially wanted Amazon's Alexa as the personal assistant that will be featured in the G6 but they changed their minds as they felt it wasn't ready yet. Even if LG decided to put Alexa in the G6, it wouldn't have been the first smartphone that had it as Huawei Mate 9 was the first one that featured Alexa.

According to Android Police, the Google Assistant is cross-platform on Home, Allo and Pixel which means when you ask it to remember something on Allo, it will answer what you asked it to remember when you ask it on Home. One example would be to ask it to remember your password even though that is not really a good idea if ever the mobile phone falls into the wrong hands. All you have to do is say, "Remember my password is....."

Check out this informative video about the LG G6 including specs, features and the date it is expected to be released to the public:

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