2017 Honda CR-V Review: Lots of Attention Put on Interior


This 2017 Honda CR-V review gives mad props to Honda for prioritizing the interior of their latest SUV model. They are aware that the interior is one part buyers are paying attention to when they are canvassing for new SUVs to buy. Once opening the door, their comfy seats reminds car enthusiasts of being in a luxury car as they are very supportive.

The steering wheel of the CR-V looks quite familiar and it is because it is the same from the new Honda Civic steering wheels. The wheel also has touch-sensitive volume controls and they even pop up in the panel in order to be seen by the driver.

The TFT has a digital display even though it is not really needed for this model since it exclusively comes in an automatic transmission. There is even the new three-level heated seats feature that heats up the seat according to the rider's preference.

The center tab is where all the attention is focused on most of the times during the trip. One of the options in this touchscreen tab is the navigation that pretty much guarantees you won't get lost when riding the CR-V because it has a map that even identifies your exact location. It can be noticed that Honda listens to feedback from its fans as it brought back the volume knob as reported by Car and Driver.

According to CNet, the CR-V has a lane-keeping technology that allows you to stay in the right lane at all times. This is a helpful feature because there is a big chance you will get caught for not abiding by traffic rules when you are not in the proper lane. However, this is just an assist as it does not mean you can afford to keep your hands off the wheel at some point in the trip.

Check out this video containing a very informative 2017 Honda CR-V review including all the features will make you want to purchase one:

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