Here's Where The Rich Go To College In California


Going to college is becoming more and more of a luxury these days with the rising cost of tuition fees and with the income declining. Such situations drive a lot of students to incur large college debts just to go to college. On the other side of the spectrum, however, are the wealthy ones who can afford to finish college without any type of loan. In a report from the Equality of Opportunity Project, there are 38 colleges across the United States which have admitted more rich students than those who belong to the middle and low-income group. Some of those colleges are in California and here's the top 5 of those.

Claremont McKenna

Claremont McKenna is a coeducational private liberal arts college in Claremont, California. It ranks 7th in Niche's 2017 ranking of the best colleges in California while it stands 19th in the national rankings. Almost 20 percent of the students enrolled in Claremont McKenna belongs to wealthy families with more than $630K income while those who belong at the bottom group are around 15.2 percent.

Pitzer College

Also located in Claremont, California, Pitzer College holds the second spot for the college with the richest kids in California with 20.1 percent of its students belonging to high-income families while the bottom has 17.6 percent. Pitzer College ranks 28th in the national rankings and the 11th best college in California.

Stanford University

Compared to McKenna and Pitzer, Stanford's bottom 60 percent population is higher than those who belong to the top tier, which is 18.6 percent. However, it still has a sizable number of wealthy students which is at 17.5 percent.

Scripps College

Ranking number 43 in the national rankings and the 8th best college in California, Scripps has 14.3 percent of their student population belonging to wealthy families. Scripps is a liberal arts women's college in Claremont with a total student population of 989

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a private institution founded by the Jesuits in 1851. Niche ranks it 12th among the best colleges in California. When it comes to wealthy students, 14.4 percent of them are from rich families while 15.9 belong to the bottom 60 percent.

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