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'Doctor Strange' Director Is 'The Man' In The 'Marvel Cinematic Universe'; Here's Why


It is all about the "tone". "Doctor Strange" Director Scott Derrickson also has proven why he is "the man" in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe".

Most people would think that working on box-office hits within the MCU is downright nerve-wracking because of juggling in between tasks, as well as delivering the kind of magic that fans would clamor for even after 10 years while staying true to its source materials. However, it is not entirely the case for "Doctor Strange" Director Scott Derrickson, as reported by ComicBook. For him, it is all about the movie's "tone", instead of the story.

He went on to say that having to work on past films with a darker tone made him realize how important a lighter tone would be for the MCU movies he has directed or he will be directing in the near future. Now that he is already a parent, he wanted to make a movie that his middle school sons can see, seemingly without having to worry about any kind of parental restrictions. Scott also added that with a lighter tone for the MCU movies, he was able to tell the kind of stories he wanted to convey with others.

Meanwhile, in another post on the same publication, Scott Derrickson has always been excited when he is talking about the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War"; this time, he mentioned that he had always thought about seeing "Doctor Strange" meet a certain someone - Rocket from "Guardians of the Galaxy". He further explains that in his opinion, these two are the "most alike" and would "drive each other crazy in the best way." 

"Doctor Strange", played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is also set to make an appearance on this year's upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok". "Avengers: Infinity War" has already begun its principal photography sessions this week.

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