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HTC Quashes Android Wear; Know The Reasons Why Smartwatch Dilemma Is Irresolvable


HTC has recently released a statement quashing rumors they will be releasing a smartwatch anytime soon. Chialin Chang, HTC's President of Smartphones and Connected Devices addressed rumors by pointing out that their experience of watches have made them realized that it is not definitely for them.

Chang emphasized that even Apple being a big brand is declining Android watches, GS Marena reported. He cannot see the company having a watch in the short term.

It can be recalled that since 2015 multiple images have already been leaked online with supposedly HTC and Under Armour's smartwatch codenamed "Halfbeak." The watch apparently runs a version of Android Wear 1.0 but none of these reports are true.

Under Armour watch pictures circulating online are said to be from a very old prototype, not something the company is currently working on, and probably hasn't worked on in a long time, Android Police has learned. Sources claimed that it may be possible that someone may have just uploaded the picture just for fun.

With Chang confirming that no Android wears are currently in the loom under HTC, it is understandable the repercussions the company is probably considering specifically the irresolvable dilemma of smartwatches.

Apple's experience on watches way back in 2014 could be one outlook that other companies aside from HTC should be considering about. For one thing, Apple has been worryingly silent on the subject of its battery life, there's no indication that the watch will last even 24 hours, Time reported.

Making smartwatches also pose complications since it should always come with a charging cable. In the case of Apple Watch, even though it only works if you have an iPhone, the iPhone charging cable will not charge the Apple Watch. A different charging cable should be made separately.

Android watches may be non-waterproof, so it cannot be used during swimming or any other watersport. The battery life issue of it means that you cannot definitely take it to camping. The owner will have to remember bringing another charging cable any time when he or she leaves the house for more than 18 hours.

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