‘Dark Souls 3’ DLC Season Pass On Bargain As The ‘Ringed City’ DLC Nears Release [VIDEO]


The "Dark Souls 3" was critically acclaimed and is the fastest selling game in Bandai Namco's history. It has two expansions, the first was released last year and for this year, the "Ringed City" will be released. Details of the DLC began circulating one as the second expansion's release is fast approaching, the of the details will surely make every player rejoice.

The "Dark Souls" fans are now waiting to get hold of the upcoming expansion knowing that there is so much to expect from the said game's DLC and that rumor is rife that the "Ringed City" is better the first one. Now, there's good news for the fans and players of the said action role-playing video game. The season pass that will be used for the purchase of the expansion goes out on sale.

The "Dark Souls 3" expansions are sold separately, but if the players purchase the discounted season pass worth $24.99, they can get each DLC for free, as mentioned in the "Dark Souls" website. So be careful when purchasing the pass as you might purchase a duplicate. However, players will need to play the main game first before they are allowed to play the expansions.

In the "Ringed City" DLC, the players will again explore a whole new region that is situated in the far reaches of the world and is said to have been stacked with a high vortex. The region is said to be a place where dangerous enemies are located is also the place of some of the original heads, WCCFTech reported. The artwork of the latest expansion shows the curved city walls covered with grass that is built on the top of the rock.

The latest expansion is also said to be the final story for the fourth "Souls" series and is now ready to for release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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