‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Update: Anime Is The Worst Manga Adaptation; Obstacles Made Season 3 Bleaker


Fans may never see a third season for "Tokyo Ghoul" as bad reviews and feedbacks from the anime series might be the long standing reasons why it has been delayed for a very long time. According to fans in community forums, the anime is one of the most unfaithful adaptations in this medium, whereas the manga is excellent.

Other reasons seen of "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 postponement is reportedly the insufficient material that will be used for the next installment. Fans believe that this include series involvement with franchise's manga series, OppTrends reported. They also never put aside the reason of Madhouse Entertainment taking over Studio Pierrot.

While fans still watch recurrently "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 2 even if it has had its finale in 2015, discourses about it over the web is much widely discussed. Some fans even comment that the anime is a lackluster, dull, and off beat with the original manga story, My Anime List  forum reported.

Manga fans urged individuals who are planning to watch the series, to just read the manga from the beginning rather than catching up from where the anime left off because no matter how much the anime follows the manga, it always presents inaccuracies.

Others think that certain points in some of the episodes have so many plot holes, employ bad character development, and expose a poorly explained story. Season 3 release has also becoming bleaker as speculations circulating that the anime will have a change of focus from Kaneki to a Touka Kirishima story. Writers noted that Season 2 did not follow the original material and that resulted to a great dissatisfaction with the fans.

Sources added that "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 may have been hovered with obstacles that have caused the postponements of its release date but rumors persistently circulating online for a possible release this year, have always enliven the spirits of manga followers.

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