New Cybersecurity Aide: The 2000-Qubit Computer


Aside from fake news, cybercrime is another prevalent issue in this day and age. Despite the growing threat of cybercriminals, new technology is being created to combat them as well. The latest of these is the 2000-qubit quantum computer from D Wave.

Quantum computers might be a long way from replacing computers and becoming mainstream but there is already advanced and new hardware that are emerging. One of these is the quantum computer D-Wave 2000Q which boasts of 2,048 qubits and a $15 million price tag.

D Wave is the only quantum computer manufacturer at the moment. They started shipping quantum computers in 2011. Before the 2000Q, their most powerful computer was the D-Wave 2X, considered as the most advanced computer with 1000 qubits.

At present, NASA, Google, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Lockheed Martin are already using D-Wave quantum computers and the company's goal is to make an upgrade to these current systems.

The new quantum computer, 2000Q, is a thousand times much faster than the D-Wave 2X. It will be shipped to its first customer, Temporal Defense Systems, a cybersecurity firm which offers security solutions and services to different companies and businesses.

According to James Burrell, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director and now the Technology Chief Officer at TDS, the 2000Q will revolutionize secure communications as well as protect the system against insider threats and identify cybercriminals and their attack patterns.

Burrell also added that the capability of the quantum computer to solve complex computational problems and quantum algorithms will be perfect to the constantly changing environment of operational networks.

Aside from this, D Wave hopes to make their systems available to the public through the cloud. Vern Brownwell, CEO of D Wave, said that for it to become publicly available, they have to make it easy to use allowing users to deal with qubits without having to buy the hardware.

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