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Fake News : A Cause Of Concern For Vatican And The World Economic Forum


The proliferation of fake news has now become a global issue that even the Vatican and the World Economic Forum voiced their concerns on separate occasions about the phenomenon and called for stricter measures to control it.

Pope Francis delivered a sermon on Tuesday urging journalists to tell the truth as well as focus on reporting positive stories that will bring hope to people. He explained that focusing on the good news does not mean ignoring what he calls 'human tragedy' or turning a blind eye on the evils of this world. Rather, avoiding people to feel desensitized by the constant barrage of bad news and become apathetic of it.

In an earlier report via The Guardian, Pope Francis expressed how he really felt about fake news that he likened those who report it to someone who has coprophilia, a love for excrement. Likewise, he compared those who love consuming fake news a coprophiliacs, those who love eating feces.

Aside from fake news, he also reminded those who use media to slander or defame political rivals saying no one has the right to do this.

Pope Francis was not the only prominent figure who has expressed concern over fake news as of late. Members of the World Economic Forum is also treating fake news as an urgent matter that needs immediate resolution.

According to Richard Edelman, head of the communications firm Edelman, there is a downward spiral of trust in businesses, the government, and the media which was similar to the decline in trust during the 2009 financial crisis.

Jeff Jarvis, who ran an event on fake news during the forum and a professor at the City University of New York, said that there is an atmosphere of lies, propaganda, and fraud.

Michael Posner, co-chair of WEF's Global Future Council on Human Rights, said that they will continue to discuss the issue as well as find measures how to limit the proliferation of misinformation , extremist content, and political propaganda online through the use of algorithm.

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