This Innovative Feel Wristband Will Help You Hack Happiness [VIDEO]


Following the increasing demands in health wearables, more companies are coming out with their innovation - and that includes Sentio. Although the company had previously shown their wearable that they call the Feel Wristband at the CES 2016, the company was not able to launch the product last year. Now, it seems like they are ready to release their Wristband.

The Feel Wristband is a Fitbit-like wearable device that can track the user's emotions and stress levels. With the use of a mobile app, it can log how the user feels. It may look like similar to other trackers but it works differently. The ability to measure different bio-signals through the integrated sensors, recommendation and coaching will also be provided, which will help users achieve their goals for their emotional well-being.

How does the Feel Wristband work?

Feel can translate the bio-signals coming from the electrodermal activities, skin temperatures and blood volume pulse to identify the emotion a user feels. So, if users keep track of their emotions every day, they will be able to identify the emotional pattern, which will help them recognize the cause of their mood. In this way, anyone can manage to become a happier person as they will be able to lower down their stress level, Business Insider reported.

Actually, the Wristband is just a part of the process of hacking happiness. Sentio is also working on an application that can be used with the Feel Wristband to fully optimize its features. With the help of the application, one can set their well-being goal and monitor daily progress. Not only that, the app will also provide recommendations and helpful tips to reduce stress and to stay on the track towards achieving their goals.

Anyone interested to own the Sentio Feel Wristband is urged to place their pre-order online at the price of $149 because once it hits market shelves, it will be priced at $199.

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