iPad Pro 2: Does It Come With Apple Pencil 2


The internet has been abuzz with different talks of what Apple will be coming up with this year. This includes the newest devices that fans are waiting for from the iPad range. Here's what to expect from the iPad Pro 2 release.

iPad Pro 2 to include Apple Pencil 2?

According to Oigel, the reported leaks point to a Pencil 2. The second generation of  the Apple Pencil has not been talked about these past few months. Although, a leaked report came out, describing the possible new specs of the iPad Pro 2, and yes, including buzz about the Pencil 2. The same was also published on Feng.

Smart Pen 2 features

The leaked info from Weibo said that the Apple Pen 2 and iPad Pro 2 will have new sensors and this will easily allow users to switch between features that they want to use. An eraser on the other end may also be included in the new model.

In addition, the new sensors will allow for the Apple Pencil 2 to be used as an input accessory, which can sense different movements and hear this, even when the user is not touching the iPad's surface. It was also mentioned that the Pencil 2 will be provided with a magnetic system that will make it more seamless to attach the pen to the iPad's body. This will make sure that the pen is securely attached to the iPad when not being used. 

iPad Pro 2: is it waterpoof?

It is safe to assume that that all the newest iPad models to be released in 2017 will feature an IP67 rating under the IEC standard 60529. The same ratings were given to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

What this means is, the iPad Pro 2 and other new models will be entirely protected from dust, other solid materials, and liquids. Nonetheless, very little details are known about Apple's next-generation tablets and nothing has been officially confirmed as of writing (via The iPad Guide).

iPad Pro 2: release date

Rumors are pointing to a release at the end of March but an official statement from Apple is still needed to confirm everything.

Are you an iPad owner? Are you interested in upgrading to the iPad Pro 2?

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