Everything You Need To Know About The Internet Of Things This 2017 [VIDEO]


The year 2016 has shed the light for Internet of Things. Everyone have seen the development and gradual growth of the IoT and now, its market continues to grow. With its growing market, it is only right to let everyone know the trends of the Internet of Things this year, most especially in the business side.

The Digital Age will greatly affect the businesses and so they must now face the reality and learn to embrace the changes that it might bring. Though more and more companies are now considering the use of the Internet of Things in optimizing their operations, Forbes reported. For this year, the Cognitive Computing, Security, Blockchain, API and Platforms are expected to trend and will play a major role in the IoT.

Apart from the Internet of Things that will make a great impact in everyone's life this year, it is also important to know the market drivers that will facilitate the growth. There are actually four market drivers, these are the;

1. Large Internet of Things Investment

2. Expanded Internet Connectivity

3. High Mobile Adoption

4. Low-cost sensors

These only prove that business will be the first to embrace the Internet of Things solution. Through the IoT, business can lower their costs of operation while increasing productivity and expanding their market and developing new products, IoT Evolution reported. Now, more and more industries are seeing the potential of the technology. However, the IoT is not only for business as it is also for the government, the advertisers and lastly, the consumers.

Government will need the Internet of Things in data collection along with data mining. The advertisers will surely grasp the idea of the open-sharing method to interrupt their consumers' daily living in the aim of keeping them hooked on their products, though this method has already started.

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