'Gundam Versus' Neat Tips & Tricks Came Out Just Before Its Exclusive Launch On PS4 [VIDEO]


The "Gundam Versus" is one of the popular arcade game in Japan based on "Mobile Suit Gundam" anime franchises that is soon to hit its exclusive launch on PlayStation 4. Before the release of this arcade-based game on PS4 in Japan and Asia, players still have time to familiarize the tips and tricks.

The PS 4 release of the "Gundam Versus" is unique and different from the arcade version as it is especially made for home use only. Bandai Namco has also prepared a team battle action game to show how the game will look like when it is finally launched, Dual Shockers reported. Check out the following guide in playing the "Gundam Versus."

Tips for those using arcade stick

  •  The top three buttons are for shooting, jumping and fighting
  •  Right side of the jump button is the command/ communication button
  •  Button on the lower left is the target switch, on the side is the SP
  •  SP button is for activating new system

Tips for those using controllers

  •  The R1 button is also the SP though it is possible to play the same operations

Helpful Tricks

  •  Use the Boost Dive to descend the Gundam at high-speed from the air and to perform this trick, hold the activate button, SP and jump button together using the thumb and ring finger.
  •  Players can use SP button to activate the Striker that is placed in some fuselages and will serve as an assistant
  •  The hand grenade throw machine and low recoil canon can be useful to save bullets in the beam rifle.

Another helpful tip is that it is important to focus on the operation and not the speed and do not expect that the speed in the arcade game is the same in the PS4 although the game promises a whole new level of gameplay experience.

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