Some High-Profile Huawei Smartphones Still Not Receiving Patch To Fix Software Vulnerabilities [VIDEO]


After Huawei disclosed the software security vulnerabilities that has recently plagued some of their high-profile smartphones, they are now taking every actions to permanently eliminate the vulnerabilities. The China-based company was able to eliminate few of those vulnerabilities but some smartphones are still waiting for the patch.

In a recent Huawei security advisory, the company identified twelve vulnerabilities that plagued four of their smartphones; the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus along with Huawei Mate 8 and Mate 9. Three of the said vulnerabilities on the four devices has been fixed by Huawei through an update and a new firmware version. As for the other security vulnerabilities, it will be treated in the upcoming software updates.

Huawei did not mention when the software update will start to roll out so users will have to wait for Huawei to send out the update over-the-air since there are no temporary fixes, according to XDA. The vulnerabilities entered the software after tricking the device users to download malicious applications.

So, to avoid these security threat, be mindful of the applications that are being downloaded and most importantly, do not let other people to download and install any applications on the device, according to Neurogadget. This is the best thing that anyone can do to keep their phone free from vulnerabilities.

Also, bear in mind that the patches for the vulnerabilities is essential for the smartphones so to avoid the following threats:

  •  Attackers crash the phone's system software
  •  Breaking in to the private read-only mapping
  •  Denial of service due to dropping of IPv6 neighbors
  •  EFM Flapping caused by sending a malformed packet to the device
  •  Bypassing the phone finder
  •  Bypassing the phone activation
  •  Forcing the phone to the fastboot mode and deleting the user's password during the reboot process
  •  Denial of software services by uploading XML bomb.

The owners of the affected smartphones are urged to keep watch of the release of the patch to fix these vulnerabilities.

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