‘I Am Setsuna’ Confirmed for Europe Nintendo Switch Release [VIDEO]


After "I Am Setsuna" got confirmed as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Switch in the United States, it also got confirmed for a Europe release. It is expected that the console will be released to both the United States and Europe on Mar. 3.

According to IGN, Square Enix gave the announcement that "I Am Setsuna" will become available on Mar. 3 as a digital title after it was announced earlier this month that it will be available on Nintendo Console sometime in March. Gamers are bound to get excited because the Nintendo Switch version of the role-playing game will feature content that won't be seen in other consoles. This includes the "Temporal Battle Arena," a feature that allows players to take their team and battle against other player's teams online.

Last year, "I Am Setsuna" was released for the Playstation 4 and Steam consoles. It is about a lady named Setsuuna who goes on a dangerous mission to save the innocent people of her homeland. The game has received high praises from critics with one that called it a game that delivered a highly emotional tale.

Because of the way they sound alike, "I Am Setsuna" sometimes gets called "I Am Satsuma." Other games confirmed to be released for the Nintendo switch console are Super Bomberman R, Spelunker, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 and Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence.

According to Polygon, there is going to be a good reason for fans of "I Am Setsuna" to be excited for its release for the Nintendo Switch version. The Switch can actually be played in 3 ways: TV mode, handheld and a standard portable system.

Check out Gameplay of "I Am Setsuna" from its PS4 version, a game that's got outstanding graphics. Find out why so many gamers are excited for it to debut on the Nintendo Switch Console:

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