‘Nioh’ - How Team Ninja Revived Itself With This Game [VIDEO]


Action game "Nioh" sure emphasizes how its developer Team Ninja wants in a game. It is brutal, calculated and puts importance on the Japanese samurai culture. Gamers get to play as William in the game then battle against other warriors and fictional creatures in a dangerous mission that is set in 16th century Japan.

According to Game Spot, Team Ninja had to make games that did not fit their style back in 2010 because of the shift in demand. They lost themselves when they created "Ninja Garden 3" and "Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z" as they were not able to deliver what made its early work so good. When they saw Souls games garnered success, they decided it was time for them to go back to their old roots and they did through "Nioh." At first, they had skeptics about the project but took over it in 2012.

According to A 90s Kid, Team Ninja released two demos for "Nioh" but the The Last Chance trial is something fans would want to get their hands on since it offers an expanded version of what the creators showed off before. The demo also offers exclusive in-game content as completing the entire thing will unlock Ogress Headgear for use in the game itself. Also, completing Twilight Mission will garner two rewards, Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong. Those were actually the two rewards that can be earned from last year's alpha and beta.

The director of "Nioh" revealed in an interview that the game will take an average of 70 hours to complete which is pretty long. He added it would be even longer when the gamer gets weapons and experience, as reported by WCCF Tech.

"Nioh" is an action RPG game scheduled to be released exclusive to the PS4 console on Feb. 7. Check out this video containing gameplay of the game:

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