Google Maps To Get Smarter But Will Not Yet Offer Real-Time Parking Information


Google Maps is about to get smarter with a new check parking availability feature for drivers. Google this week launched a beta version of Google Maps for Android that helps the driver find parking space.

Google Maps Is Getting Smarter
According to Android Police, which first reported the news, Google is making Google Maps more reliable and user-friendly. Recently, the search giant has added some interesting new features in the company's mapping service, which include Wheelchair Accessible Locations.

Today, Google is bringing the even smarter tool to the company's mapping service, Google maps.The new Google Maps feature, which can be found in the version 9.44 beta of Google Maps, will tell drivers how busy parking is likely to be on their arrival and even advise how difficult it is to park at popular places like airports or shopping malls.

The new Google Maps feature has a graded system of "easy", "medium" and "limited" for parking availability at certain destinations. This grading system will display information on the screen next to the estimated arrival time and as the instruction in the directions list.

This Google Maps feature is expected to become more accurate in the coming weeks as Google plans to add the company's existing user tracking features to Google Maps.

New Feature Will Not Yet Offer Real-Time Parking Information
Unfortunately, the new Google Maps feature will not yet offer drivers real-time parking information, according to The Telegraph. However, the new feature can advise drivers on the difficulty of finding parking spaces in a given location.

The search giant currently collected and uses anonymous data from users that have their location history turned on to map popular times and average visit duration.It is likely that Google Maps will harness the power of these data to come out with live parking information and even offer updates.

Google has still not announced when the new Google maps feature will be made available in the UK. Google is yet to announced official words on this.

In addition to the UK feature availability, the Google Maps' parking information will initially be made available to public destinations only, which include shopping centers and airports.

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