Apple Watch: The Most Popular Smartwatch But Is Not The Best Option For Everyone; Here’s Why [VIDEO]


The competition of the smartwatches is getting tougher as years go by. Unlike in 2015 where the Apple Watch is dominating the smartwatch market. Now, more and more tech companies are creating their own version of smartwatches like Samsung, Fossil, Garmin and Tag Heuer. Although the Apple Watch remained popular, ironically, it is not the best nor the dominating smartwatch.

So, what is the factor that is making the other smartwatches to dominate the market? Perhaps, it isn't just simply because they are Android watches. The thing is, these smartwatches are flexible, and that is what's lacking in every Apple Watch. The soon to be released Android Wear is boasting its new feature which is being compatible with iOS while Apple Watch remains to be compatible only to its own operating system.

According to CNET, Apple should also consider cross-platform on their Apple Watch just like what they did on the iPod where the Cupertino-based company brought iTunes to Windows. An Apple Watch that works on Android device is enough reason to urge people to buy the said watch. In addition, the report mentioned that if Apple wanted to win the smartwatch race again, the company must consider Android support on their smartwatches.

While it is true that there have been issues with the cross-platform on Android smartwatches like having different experience when using iPhone versus Android device, smartwatch makers will be updating their OS. The two new Android Wear is updated to make it less dependent on phones and is more compatible with iPhones, Polygon reported.

So, if Apple could make their Apple Watch to work on Android devices and break free from supporting iPhone only, users will continue using the smartwatch knowing that it has great features. It would also help some of the Apple skeptics to decide to buy the Apple Watch or any Apple products.

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