iPhone 8 Is The iPhone X; Leaked Features Include Facial Recognition [VIDEO]


There have been reports suggesting that Apple is going to release a 2017 iPhone model named iPhone X and is apparently integrating a facial recognition feature had left many people confused as they already know about the iPhone 8. Check out more details here.

While many people got confused about the iPhone X and iPhone 8, some avid followers of the iPhone 8 news were able to easily identify what the reports are referring to when they mentioned the iPhone X having a facial recognition feature. Obviously, it is not just that they are two different phones having the same feature because the reports are pertaining to only one device, but why did they mention the iPhone X anyway?

The iPhone X was the term used by Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company to describe the impact of the next flagship product of Apple - the iPhone 8. The description used by Arcuri happens to be the favorite descriptor of the president-elect. Arcuri also mentioned that the iPhone X 5.8 model will have a feature-rich launch, Mashable reported.

As the launch date draws near, another leaked features and improvements of the iPhone 8 have started to surface online. Apart from the OLED display that has been previously reported, the leaked details includes the virtual Home/Touch ID that is integrated in the display of the iPhone 8 OLED model. Then there's another exciting feature that was leaked by Arcuri and another analyst - the facial recognition, Forbes reported. A laser sensor along with the infrared sensor are reportedly placed just near the front-facing camera.

The facial recognition feature is expected to open doors to more security features of the iPhone 8 including its use to unlock the device instead of using pin code or touch ID. It could also offer handy control on Internet of Things devices and it can be a great way to interact with augmented reality applications.

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