‘Spider Man: Homecoming’ Update: Who Helps Spidey Figure Out His Suit? [VIDEO]


Spider-Man finally takes center stage in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" after his supporting role at "Captain America: Civil War." This time, his suit was made by Star Enterprises but Tony Stark did not fill him in all the details about his suit. It is a good thing his best friend helps him figure the suit out.

Peter Parker and his best friend Ned Leeds spend much of "Spider Man: Homecoming" figuring out the Spidey suit. That concept certainly promises several awesome moments in the movie including surprises that were never seen before in previous Spider-Man movies. As much as Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies were great, it was odd to see Peter Parker make his own suit since he barely had any resources. It was certainly refreshing to have Tony Stark make it for him, Cinema Blend reported.

The villain for "Spider Man: Homecoming" was revealed to be The Vulture played by Michael Keaton. In an interview, Tom Holland, the actor who plays the web slinger, said that Keaton kept on saying Batman quotes throughout the shooting of the movie. For those who are unaware, Michael Keaton played the caped crusader in Tim Burton's classic 1989 movie, "Batman." In fact, there was one instance when they had a fight scene and Holland punches Keaton the Keaton turns around to yell at Holland that he is Batman, Movie Web reported.

While there is not much known about how The Vulture is introduced in "Spider Man: Homecoming", Holland insists the villain is terrifying. Keaton admitted that he actually turned down the role of The Vulture because the shooting would not fit in his schedule until the producers of the movie adjusted to his preference.

"Spider Man: Homecoming" doesn't tell the origin of Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man after the death of his Uncle Ben. Instead, this movie is the first of a trilogy that focuses on the high school days of Spidey. Check out the trailer for this movie, scheduled to be shown in theaters on Jul. 7:

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