NVIDIA Shield K1 vs Nintendo Switch: A Close Look at Two Impressive Consoles [VIDEO]


Nvidia Shield K1 and Nintendo Switch are both in-demand game consoles so it would be right to compare them. Nintendo Switch may not have been released to the public but its rumored features are a gamer's dream come true. It was also recently revealed that Nvidia hardware is inside the Switch.

As for the price, the Nvidia Shield K1 is a lot cheaper as it can be bought for less than $200. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch has a price tag of $300 for the console alone which means there are no games included in the package.

The Nvidia Shield K1 is the clear winner here in terms of power as it has a quad-core Tegra K1 chip that delivers 2.2GHz of processing power paired with 2GB of RAM. It is very fast compared to the Nintendo Switch since Nintendo machines are not exactly known for their power. Nintendo has yet to release any details regarding their specs but speculation is they will chip in a custom Tegra unit in the Switch, according to Stuff.

The demand for the Nintendo Switch seems to be high so they certainly take the cake over the NVIDIA Shield in that category. In fact, Nintendo has been asked to make three million units for its initial batch. That is a big number as the Wii U up until this day has sold only fourteen million units, according to Express.

For controls, the NVIDIA Shield can be used as both as a tablet and with a gamepad while the Nintendo Switch can be used in a variety of ways. It really depends on the user as some prefer buttons while others prefer to play using analog sticks. On paper, the Nintendo Switch takes the cake in this category.

Check out this video of gamers using the Nintendo Switch to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

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