Tag Heuer: To Release A New Smartwatch Model After The Unexpected Successful Release Of The Tag Heuer Connected [VIDEO]


Tag Heuer experienced a slight drop of sales in 2014, but the company was able to recover and even increased their sales in 2015 following the release of their smartwatches. Much to their surprise, the recent release of the Tag Heuer Connected was a success and it had urged them to decide another release of smartwatch this year. 

Tag Heuer was able to sell around 56,000 units of the Tag Heuer Connected although it was priced $1,500 each. Despite its lack of unisex appeal as it seems to be aimed mainly for men, many people got interested with its lightweight design and its features. Following the success of the said smartwatch model back in 2015, the company promised to release the still unnamed second generation of Connected.

Just recently, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver has confirmed the release of the second generation Connected smartwatch that is expected to have a more powerful display, according to Engadget. The features of the upcoming smartwatch include the following.

  •  Android Pay
  •  Accurate GPS
  •  Better battery life
  •  Android Wear 2.0
  •  Strong wireless receiver

According to Biver, the new series will also feature a smaller watch that is perfect for women and the Asian market along with different colors and materials. There is another striking feature of the smartwatch according to Digital Trends, it is able to run standalone applications so it won't necessarily needed to be connected to a smartphone. In addition, it will be easier to respond to a text message due to its improved input options.

The new Tag Heuer smartwatch is designed to look like the company's classic mechanical watches with a titanium dial of numbers encircling the display. Biver pointed out that the first premium smartwatch will also be called the new chapter of wearable devices. The company aims to sell around 150,000 units this year.

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