Nintendo Mobile Games To Be Released This Year; 'Fire Emblem' Game Title Coming Soon To IOS [VIDEO]


After the successful release of one of the Nintendo mobile games, the "Super Mario Run" mobile version, Nintendo is again planning to release new mobile games this 2017. Along with the release of the "Super Mario Run" for Android, Nintendo will also release another two mobile games. Check out the details here.

Knowing that the free-play is the future of gaming, Nintendo wouldn't want to be left behind so that is why they are developing mobile freemium mobile games for everyone. The market for mobile games is getting bigger, and so this is the best time to release free games which allows users to get access to the game for free. Following the rise of popularity of the mobile games, Nintendo will release the "Fire Emblem and "Crossing Animal," WCCFTech reported.

The "Fire Emblem: Heroes" is another Nintendo mobile game that has original storyline that is all about the two factions that are fighting for control over the mythical kingdom. The said mobile game will come out first on Android while the iOS version is still in progress. According to Apple Insider, the game which is especially designed for mobile gaming, is a turn-based gameplay that turns around the 8 x 6 battle grid. The game uses tapping and swiping as commands.

The "Fire Emblem: Heroes" will have new heroes which can also be acquired at the hero battles or by using orbs that are acquired during the regular gameplay. Players are expected to see some features from the previous "Fire Emblem" franchise which include; the triangle weapon, signature sword attributes and the system where a layer of strategy is added to the combat.

Note that the freemium games are free only up to certain levels where players are required purchase the downloadable contents to move forward to the next level. As for the "Fire Emblem," players can purchase three to 140 orbs at $2 to $75. The "Fire Emblem" will start hitting the Play Store starting Feb. 2.

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