Windows 10 News: Microsoft Has A New Way Of Persuading Windows 7 Users To Upgrade To Windows 10


Despite many tactics used by Microsoft to urge users to upgrade to Windows 10, many Windows 7 users still hang on to their OS and are skeptic to perform an upgrade to their devices. However, Microsoft has a new information as to why users must upgrade to Windows 10 the soonest possible time so to persuade users to perform an update.

There are many people who are already comfortable with the Windows 7 as many say it is a great operating system for them. Up until now, there are still some devices running the said operating system but not for long as there were already reports pointing out that all future devices will soon run Windows 10. Now, Microsoft is persuading everyone to upgrade their operating systems.

Knowing that future devices will run Windows 10, it is important to upgrade now because three years from now, Windows 7 users will no longer get security updates as per Microsoft. In addition, support and updates will permanently stop starting Jan. 14, 2020. Per Windows boss, Markus Nitschke, Windows 7 due to its aging features, it can no longer meet security requirements and more software developers no longer support Windows 7.

Now, if software developers would only support Windows 10, this would only mean that Windows 7 users will not be able to get access or run the software on their outdated operating system and that could be a serious problem. Windows 7 is undeniably one of the great operating systems produced by Microsoft, but due to its outdated security architecture, users and individual and corporate users are urged to update, BGR reported.

Microsoft reassured users that they will be comfortable with the upgrade. Windows 10 is best especially to those users who are concerned with the security of their devices. The said operating system automatically runs updates. So to all users who are still holding on to Windows 7, better update now before a huge problem comes out.

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