'The Division: Last Stand' DLC Teaser Video Hints A More Intense Action-Packed Game [Video]


Developer Ubisoft Massive today released an official teaser trailer for the upcoming "The Division: Last Stand." The game developer also announced a dedicated DLC livestream event via Twitch.

The Division: Last Stand DLC Expansion Delayed For Technical Issues
Ubisoft Massive has announced a new teaser trailer today and on Jan. 19 it will be hosting a Twitch livestream event about the new content.

According to GameRant, the newly released teaser only shows for 20 seconds, so this does not really provide much detailed information about the content. This also means that the teaser video is meant to get The Division players hyped for the upcoming "Last Stand" expansion's full reveal, which will become later.

But some game expert has managed to break down and come out of something of what to expect from the upcoming Twitch livestream event. According to VG247, the teaser video seems to confirm a recently datamined information, which hints at a PvP domination-style game mode.

Ubisoft's Last Stand expansion was originally scheduled for a winter 2016 release date but later moved into early 2017 release date due to some technical issues. The developer has decided to delay the content, along with Survival, in order to address the current issues.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Last Stand DLC Expansion
According to PC Gamer, the game developer has not released much information about the "Last Stand" DLC expansion for the third-person shooter "The Division." But the teaser video hints something new and brutal about the game, there will be non-stop action and players must prepare to fight and die.

The short teaser video appears to show teams squaring off in various unpleasant locations. "The Division: Last Stand" expansion, which said to be the game's final expansion, will be included with "The Division's" $40 season pass and can be purchased on its own for around $15.

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