Rutgers University Removes College Avenue Parking Spaces, Replaces With Bike Lanes Instead


A new bicycle lane on College Avenue at Rutgers University is being rendered. Which means the school's 50 meter allocation of parking space will be transformed into a bike land and a bus lane.

Rutgers University's plan to eliminate parking spaces in the New Brunswick campus thrives on the hope that it will make the lives of students easier in the campus.

According to University President Robert Barchi, the school wants to make College Avenue safer and more beautiful. The reconfiguration of the space will make it easy for the students to navigate. This is something Barchi hopes to address as it is one of the things that students said they wanted to improve. Barchi has made it his mission to address the students' complaints and better their experience in the school.

The work is already on the way. Rutgers has placed red bags over the parking meters along Hamilton and Huntington streets, as reported by The parking spaces will be converted into a two-way bike lane and a bus lane will be allocated on the other side of College Avenue.

To make the route safer, Rutgers plans to install a fence between Scott and Ford Halls with traffic signals for pedestrians so they can cross safely. But not a lot of students agree with the change. The changes were met with mixed reactions from the student body and the parking space users. According to a junior from Mount Laurel who often parks along College Avenue, she finds it annoying. While another student from East Brunswick is excited to ride his new bike on the new lane.

Rutgers promotes the use of bikes on campus. Bike rentals are available for $10 per month or $25 for the semester, as reported by Rutgers. There are also bike exchange shops and bike shops in the area.

Watch the video below on how to rent a bike at Rutgers:

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