Microsoft Office Apps For iOS Updated With Key Features, But No New Features For Microsoft Word For iOS


Microsoft Office apps for iOS is now becoming even more streamlined and productive. The Redmond-based software company this week released a minor but very useful update for the Microsoft Office Apps for iOS, adding some extra productivity to Apple iOS-powered devices.

According to MS Power User, the Microsoft Office Apps on iOS have picked up a new minor update this week, bringing some new features to Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel with the latest update. PowerPoint and Excel users are now getting a feature that allows them to move, resize, and even format multiple objects at once. Using this new feature is quite easy, all the users need to do is tap and hold on an object.

This minor update can be a big help for those road warriors or people-on-the-go. This will be extremely useful for them, especially in editing PowerPoint presentations. The new update will now allow iOS users to edit their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations right on their smartphones.

Microsoft PowerPoint apps for iOS is a presentation program capable of reading and editing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on the go, but with some limitations on authoring abilities such as editing text, adding notes, editing text, and rearranging slides.

No New Important Features For Microsoft Word on iOS
However, Microsoft's update for Word Apps on iOS only includes bug fixes which said to address some key issues. But that updates aren't anything exciting for some iOS users, who still seeking for new features on board.

Fortunately, the company made some big development in its cloud-based Office offerings, Microsoft Office 365. Earlier this month, Microsoft launches StaffHub, a new Office 365 app aimed at shift workers and managements.

The Office 365 StaffHub, according to TechCrunch, is aimed at those workers who don't tend to work from desktop computers and have different schedules from week to week, this includes workers and employees from retail, healthcare, restaurants and other industries.

PowerPoint Users can now get the latest Microsoft Office apps updates by visiting the App Store to get the latest PowerPoint and Excel features. Also in the App Store, iOS users can check the latest Microsoft Word updates by visiting the App Store's Word page.

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