Oxford University Apologizes After Accidentally Revealing List Of Rejected Applicants


Oxford University accidentally revealed its list of rejected applicants. It included personal information of the candidates such as their names and addresses. Telegraph reported that the school unintentionally circulated a list of the names of rejected applicants. Hertford College sent the email to applicants informing them that they had been turned down.

However, copies of similar letters to all 200 other unsuccessful candidates were attached along with it. The letters included information such as names, home addresses and the subjects they applied for.

The error catapulted to a massive scale since applicants came from all over the world. Afterwards, the rejected applicants were sent a second email containing an apology for the mistake and urged them to delete the first message.

One parent expressed disappointment over the blunder, saying that it was bad enough that they were turned down after days of intensive interviews. Now, everyone else knows about the rejection as well. According to BBC, Principal Will Hutton has apologized for the mistake and the distress that it caused. He has also confirmed that they are ensuring that this never happens again by reviewing its procedures.

Metro noted that the letters were sent by Hertford College's senior tutor Charlotte Brewer. Alumni of the college include author Evelyn Waugh, Fiona Bruce, the BBC newsreader, and Jacqui Smith, the former home secretary.

The mishap comes as British universities are debating on the effect that Brexit will have for the higher education industry. University experts warned that Brexit could lead to the "biggest disaster for the university sector in many years."

University of Oxford's head of Brexit strategy Alastair Buchan said that Brexit would lead to high risks of damage on one of the nation's best industries. He described this industry as the "knowledge-based economy" in the country.

Moreover, the exit would most likely lead to the cutting off of the flow of excellent people to Britain. As Oxford Brookes University's vice-chancellor, Alistair Fitt, phrased it: this may be the "biggest disaster for the university sector" in recent years.

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