New AirPods Has Six-Week Shipping Timeframe; Ads Aired Despite Limited Availability


Apple's wireless ear buds AirPods was finally released to the market last December, after being postponed for a few times. Although it missed a lot of holiday sales opportunities, it would still be difficult for fans to get their hands on one as buying one from the Apple Store would mean a six-week shipping timeframe. Despite its limited availability, Apple still released new ads for the AirPods featuring Lil Buck dancing in the streets of Mexico City.

AirPod Ads Despite Limited Supply

Apple waited for the holiday season to be over before airing its AirPod ads, probably due to its limited supply, The Verge reported. The advertisement has popular dancer Lil Buck dancing across the streets of Mexico City while listening music with the AirPods.

Apple clearly wants to showcase the freedom and the magic brought by the AirPods in the 60-second advertisement. Instant pairing and the charging case are probably the best features of Apple's new AirPods. However, these features can only be seen for about 2 seconds in the advertisement.

There is another clip, however, that shows a bit more of the instant pairing and charging features of the new Apple AirPods. Buck can be seen dancing all over the cars and walls of the streets, which showcases that the wireless ear buds doesn't fall off. The automatic pause after being removed is also seen in the ad.

Another short clip features Siri. The iPhone 7 is also mentioedn by the end of the clip, but the AirPods are compatible with all iPhones that run on iOS 10. This means fans can use them for their iPhone 5 and other newer devices with iOS 10.

 Limited Supply

News about the AirPod first surfaced January last year. News about it became more concrete on July. It was expected for release on October and was finally released in December. However, fans who want to buy the wireless Bluetooth AirPods need to wait for six weeks for the shipping due to its limited supply, Phone Arena reported. Those who order the gadget for an in-store pick up will have to wait until March before they can get their AirPods. 

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