Sony Axes Guerrilla Cambridge Studio; Gives Way To Broader Strategy, New Plans & Projects


Potentially losing high calibre staff, Sony is determined on its decision, however, regrettable for the company to close down its Guerilla Cambridge Studio. According to Sony, it will focus on other studios with exciting new projects already in development including continued work on PlayStation VR.

The studio that is formerly SCEE Cambridge was in operation for 19 years, and Sony axing it is surprising for many since its recently developed PlayStation VR games "Rigs Mechanized Combat League" has received positive feedbacks and was well-reviewed by critics in the gaming industry, BBC reported. The game was launched three months ago as a launch title for the PlayStation's virtual reality headset.

Even though its games have been critically well received, commercially they have struggled, according to news site. It is worth noting that reviews divulged Guerilla Cambridge's last game "Rigs: Mechanized Combat League" as the very best VR experience that the system has offered.

Sony disclosed that the decision was made after a regular process of review and assessment regarding projects coming to completion and deployment of resources. In such a competitive landscape, the company is convinced that its decision will enable to catapult its desire to create and produce high-quality, innovative and commercially viable projects, Eurogamer reported.

Sony believed that in order to deliver the company's strategic objectives, it is necessary to make some changes to the European studios structure, even with its decision of closing down Guerilla Cambridge Studio. Reports claimed that Guerilla Game's main studio in Amsterdam, where PlayStation 4-exlusive "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is being made, will not be affected.

While the decision aligns plans of Sony to its proper perspective, it is also an unfortunate result for 50 employees said to be working in Cambridge Studio as it implies loss of jobs. This is Sony's third closure of studios from Sony's Chesire-based Evolution Studio last March, which is best known for its "Driveclub" game, and Studio Liverpool, which made the "Wipeout" series in 2012.


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