'24: Legacy' Is Interesting Even Without Bauer; Spinoff's Trailer Showcases the Return of One Character


The new "24: Legacy" is here and it promises to be interesting and entertaining even without its main protagonist Jack Bauer. Moreover, the new trailer showcases the return of a franchise' alum while it convinces that the spinoff means business as usual. Action-packed counter terrorism scenes are on the way and get ready to hang at the edge of your seat come February.

Spinoff Trailer Showcases the Return of Tony Almeida

Here's what fans can expect in the Jack Bauer-less new "24". The multi-awarded franchise takes on a spinoff with a series called "24: Legacy" following the life of the new protagonist Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins). Carter will play a former army ranger who has some PTSD issues and comes home to America.

As he goes home, his past will haunt him back, forcing him to ask Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), which will be lead Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), to save his life. As he does so, he will save American soil from one of the largest terrorist attacks, and it will unfold in explosive, heart-stopping moments, which are very much what the franchise is known for.

What makes this spinoff interesting though is Carter's character, Slash Film reported. The complications of his character will prove to be the entertaining factor. He killed a terrorist leader and he will be hunted for it.

There will also be drama of course as Ingram's life will be explored. The series' synopsis reveals that Ingram stepped down as CTU director to support her husband's ambition to become a US Senator, to which he won. But her brilliance was one of the reasons why Carter was able to take the head of the terrorists down, that's why he's going to enlist her help once again despite her struggling with her personal ambition to become the First Lady.

But it doesn't stop there. The trailer also showed the return of one of the series' alum, Tony Almeida. Exactly how his character will help the story develop will be one the biggest mysteries fans might have to stay tune for.

Series Highlights and release date

Fans will surely miss Bauer's shouting voice and his character, which were key components to what made the show successful, Game Spot reported. But Tony Almeida's return will give fans the nostalgia they will look for in the spinoff. A chance of seeing him more might also be one of the reasons why old fans might keep watching "24:Legacy".

The new series will premiere on Fox after Super Bowl Sunday. That's February 5 for the unawares. It's second episode will follow the next day.

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