Warner Bros. Gets Aggressive With ‘Green Lantern Corps,’ Expect ‘Lethal Weapon’ In Space [Video]


"Green Lantern Corps" may still be far off from its 2020 screening date but Warner Bros and DC are in an aggressive move to film a new screen version of the Emerald Knight. The movie will is reportedly culled from a comic book origin story and described as a "Lethal Weapon" in space.

Initial plot points were revealed to revolve around Hal Jordan and John Stewart; both are from Earth and are known members of the "Green Lantern Corps" guarding Sector 3814. The story focuses on Stewart's life as a sniper in Marine Corps before he joined the Lantern Corps and his relationship with Jordan.

The studio tapped David Goyer to pen the script along with Justin Rhodes. Goyer will also produce "Green Lantern Corps" with DC heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg executive producing, according to Deadline. Having writers and moving quickly to get a director, the movie production is getting well underway.

It is unclear if Ryan Reynolds would be sought by Warner Bros to reprise his role. Reynolds starred in the first Green Lantern movie that, unfortunately, did not do so well. It seems however that when "Green Lantern Corps" does return to the big screen, it will do so vigorously, and according to Cinema Blend, might not only feature two Green Lanterns but possibly a third.

Green Lantern has been a core member of the Justice League in all its various iterations. John Stewart is known as the version employed in the animated series. Latino Review who went digging for more details about the coming "Green Lantern Corps" uncovered the possibility of another Lantern aside from Jordan and Stewart.

The name Kyle Rayner was dropped as a third Green Lantern from Earth that will possibly appear in the film. In the comics, Kyle Rayner is the only Lantern who has been chosen by the seven spectrum rings that transformed him into a White Lantern after mastering the emotional spectrum each color represents.

It would be interesting to know who will be cast as the Green Lanterns in "Green Lantern Corps," set to be released on Jun. 19, 2020.

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