AMD Ryzen Launching on Feb. 28


Sticking to their first quarter tradition, the release date of AMD Ryzen has been revealed and it is Feb. 28. After the launch of Ryze, AMD plans to unveil its GDC 2017 "Optimizing for AMD Ryzen CPU."

According to WCCF Tech, the anticipation for the arrival of AMD Ryzen has been at an all-time high. The release date is a date being marked in the calendars of many tech enthusiasts as a few months difference can mean a major shift in the market share of AMD. GDC this year will be from Feb. 27 to Mar. 3 and the processors are expected to be available since AMD Ryzen's launch will be a hard launch.

When AMD Ryzen arrives, it is going to be interesting to see how its main competitor, Intel reacts. Intel's current processors are priced relatively high compared to existing FX CPUs but the main reason for that was AMD not showing its best effort. Intel is going to see its market share being eaten alive by Ryzen if it does not do something about this. It must recognize that their competitors such as AMD is going to do something to upend them.

According to ANAND Tech, there is no schedule as to when the AMD talk is going to happen in GDC 2017. It is a good time to unveil the new set of AMD Ryzen in the middle of both the GDC and Mobile World Congress which also falls on the same week as the GDC 2017. It could end being bad for AMD because their Ryzen announcement may get buried under other GDC and smartphone announcements that are expected to capture headlines. A Feb. 28 launch means they are staying true to their Q1 intended date for launch to consumers in volume.

Check out this video and find out what makes AMD Ryzen so special:

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