Guide To Apple Homekit Products This 2017 [VIDEO]


With the great possibility of embracing a smart home in the near future, more and more third party companies are putting every effort to produce a smart home device. At the CES 2017, attendees were able to see the future of smart home, but of course, Apple will also take part in the creation of a smart home as they unveiled their Apple Homekit.

With the Apple Homekits, smart home automation will be more convenient as it will save each users the time to find the right hardware and a compatible accessory. According to 9to5 Mac, the Apple Homekit will work best on bulbs, locks, thermostats and plugs. Aside from the mentioned hardware, check out the following hardware that can also be used.

Smart Lighting

The iDevices Instant Switch is a wall-mounted bluetooth controller lighting product that looks like the traditional light switch. According to Apple Insider, it can control the iDevices line up such as sockets, outlets, dimmers, switches and other lighting products.

Smart Locks

The Yale Smart Locks plugs directly to the existing hardware and owners can control or select smart locks with Siri.

Netatmo Smoke Alarm

An alarm that features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that users can take real time actions remotely using the smartphone.

Wireless Smart Power Strip

A four-outlet smart power strip that allows users to power and control multiple appliances discretely.

Garage Door Openers and Smart Garage Hub

Made by Chamberlain and will be supported by MyQ Home Bridge, these Homekits will work together to allow users to remotely open and close the garage doors.

The following Apple Homekit products are also expected to come later this year:

  • Omna 180 Cam HD
  • Withings Home Plus
  • Lyric Home Security and Home System
  • ConnectSense Bluetooth Expander
  • Mixtile Hub
  • Eve Extend
  • August
  • Carrier
  • Incipio
  • Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

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