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Opera Launched A Radical Vision For Future Web Browsers Called Opera Neon, Downloadable For Mac, PC [VIDEO]


Opera, a web browser for macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems, has launched a brand new web browser dubbed as the Opera Neon. The Opera Neon is a concept web browser designed to provide a fascinating glimpse at the future. Even if a person is happy with the current web browsers, Opera Neon is certainly worth to try.

Although web browsers have evolved massively over the years, but these web browsers tend to evolve in a short period of innovation, which will then be followed by long periods of incremental improvement. Wherein, Opera is hoping to lead the way in another major leap forward.

Opera boss Krystian Kolondra said that web browsers today are basically from the last millennium. Kolondra also said that with the Opera Neon project, they want show individuals their vision for the future of the web, BGR reported.

Opera's new browser, Opera Neon, shows how Opera thinks web browsers may look in the future. Opera Neon is up for grabs for Mac and PC for free right now. Opera Neon offers something truly original rather than the web browsers people all use on a daily basis, according to OPERA.

Opera Neon immediately looks different compared to the current crop of browsers. Opera Neon blends into a person's desktop by using the same background. Shortcuts and Tabs are presented as circular bubbles, and the taskbar is nowhere in sight from the equation, with the basic controls of Opera Neon shunted to the sidebar.

The sidebar on the left lets a person control audio and video playback. This same sidebar also features a screenshotting tool and access to a person's recent downloads, Tech Crunch reported.

Nevertheless, Opera claimed that the existing Opera browser won't be replaced by the new Neon browser, but some features of Opera Neon will be added to the main Opera browser.

Watch The Video Here:

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